Volunteering at the Reuth-Eshel Information Center

Volunteering at the Reuth-Eshel Information Center

A significant part of the Reuth-Eshel Information Center's activity is based on the dedicated work of seven volunteers – all retired professionals in social work, psychology and nursing. The Center's volunteers answer phone calls and provide callers with counseling, information and guidance on any topic related to old age. Some of them also staff our Continuing Care Unit, which offers support by phone to patients who have been discharged from the Reuth Medical & Rehabilitation Center. The volunteers are an integral part of the Center's team, and participate in professional seminars and conferences. Three of them have received  the Outstanding Volunteer Award. 

For more information regarding volunteering options please contact Reuth Volunteer Coordinator Orit Skolnik on  972-(0)54-679-1964 or at note: the Information Center does not require additional volunteers at the present time.

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